About Us

Our agency was founded in 1986 by Joseph F. Cummings, Jr., who collaborated with the federal government to develop the first nursery policy in 1989. In 1998 Joe's brother, Rick Cummings, came into the agency and took over the business in 2000. Since that date, our family run agency has helped many nurseries tailor coverage to meet their specific needs.

We also work as a liaison between nursery growers and the Federal Crop Insurance Program, voicing growers’ concerns so that coverage can be improved and expanded. In other words, our agency works as an advocate for you, the grower!

Whatever your special needs, we can find the best solution for you.

We are fully committed to helping you protect your future!


• Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA)
      Miami-Dade Chapter
      Palm Beach Chapter
      Political Action committee (Central Florida)
• National Association of Crop Insurance Agents (NACIA)
• Florida Association of Crop Insurance Agents (FACIA)